Dog Cancer Consultation Online?

A pet health service is to offer canine cancer consultations via online teleconferencing service.

Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice, the largest provider of in-home veterinary hospice and euthanasia, today announced it has expanded their service offerings to include phone or Skype® consultations with Karri Miller DVM, MS, DACVIM.  Dr. Miller, a Florida veterinarian who is board certified in oncology, has joined Lap of Love to assist families around the country facing the difficult diagnosis of cancer in their companion animal.

"This service will help families understand what their pet is going through and what their options are for treatment or hospice care," says founder Dr. Dani McVety. "Many pet parents are concerned with the expense of cancer treatments or simply scared of chemotherapy, but they don't realize that cats and dogs tolerate and respond well to chemotherapy. Many different treatment options exist and can be tailored to the needs of your pet and your family. The goal of cancer treatment, whether it is curative or palliative, is to improve the quality of your pet's life."

After speaking with Dr. Miller, clients are emailed a review of their discussion, an overview of their pet's disease, and possible treatment options.  The same report is also sent to their family veterinarian.  "So often a pet owner who has just learned that their pet has a terminal illness like cancer needs time: time to think, time to adjust, time to learn about the disease and options and time to make decisions," says Dr. Miller. "Providing these consultations will help support the family during the entire process and help them feel empowered during this difficult time.  Once the family has the knowledge about their pet's cancer and possible treatments, they can decide what course of action is best for them."

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